Problematic Features of High-Tech Car Audio Systems

It is pretty clear these days how car manufacturers have stepped up in the industry they are in as they aim for evolution and excellence in their field. With that, we can now see relevant transformations in the car accessories department – built-in or not. A car audio system, which makes the center of entertainment inside an automobile, is not an exemption to this. However – if it allows to rephrase that famous line from the movie Spider man – I would say with “great change comes great responsibility.” Because of the great car audio changes people have met for the last couple of years, it is inevitable that they are able to diagnose some flaws to these technologies.

Failed Voice Commands

Some car audio systems provide car users voice command features for easier navigation and command prompt for those who are driving on the road. Initially, this kind of feature designs to keep up road safety by keeping the driver focused to street signs, traffic lights, other vehicles and people crossing the streets. However, because of some voice command failures experienced by car users themselves, the said feature defeats the purpose why it designs that way in the first place. Right? Well, the cause may good but it looks like manufacturers should do a little more work about this feature for the common good.

Complicated touch screens features

Unless a person is still using a cassette, CD or VCD player in his or her car audio system, he or she won’t really be dealing much with this problem. Because it proliferates the smart gadgets in our society, car manufacturers have made it a point to merge the same innovations in people’s car stereo systems. Like smartphones and tablets, car stereos today have computer-like features that help car users select entertainment options in just one swipe and one tap. This is very friendly to young car users, but how about those who age 45 and above? It is also important that manufacturers address the needs of their customers in a wider age range.

Troublesome control systems

I say the word ‘modern’ in describing car audio systems. However, one word doesn’t initially signify similarity in design and navigation. Modern is a vague word, thus, it can still be classified into different kinds. New car stereo designs sometimes surprise car users because of unfamiliar improvements in the features. Perhaps it is only a matter of getting used to and exposed to something that make people truly comfortable to newly presented transformations. This phase would probably take time. It’s either the manufacturers compromise to the complaints they receive from customers or the customers meet halfway to technology.

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