Future Cars and Technologies

Cruising down the road American have come to love the automobile and what it stands for. But what will our future cars look like? Some advanced thinkers and concept car creators are envisioning bio-diesel-electric cars with large body capacitors built out of space age materials. You are saying WOW; tell me more. Okay they plan on using four wheel drive where each wheel has an electric motor, like the Diesel Audi Sports Cars that the Germans drive at 150 mph on the autobahn. They are thinking of strong bodies made of things like carbon nanotube construction. Even a Hurricane like Katrina, Rita or Wilma could not hurt them or you inside. The windshields would be made of composite construction using these same materials, which would be 50 times lighter than steel and stronger or harder than diamonds. Indeed this material now exists. Meaning in a decade or more you will be driving one.

We will be manufacturing future cars with all this and more, cars, which do self-diagnosis, self-driving and even fly when needed. And can you say 250 mph gallon fuel efficiency? But we are talking a different type of fuel. Yes you could go for that, but what is the price? Don’t worry they will be as or more affordable than our current gas-guzzlers. Engineers and concept future car designers know that light-weight is the key to re-designing the automobile for efficiency and economy, either way. Composites, Alloy mixes, carbon nanotubes and even Aluminum Oxynitride will be used in future cars. Haven’t heard of some of these new materials? Don’t worry you will soon. Would you like to learn more about future car topics?

Realize that in the future our cars will not look anything like the cars we are driving now, just like the cars we are driving now do not look anything like Henry Ford’s Model “T” or like the Orville or Wibur Brother’s first flying craft does not look anything like an F-16 of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. The future is our, are you coming with us? Will you be an early adopter of the latest technology or will you take a wait and see and watch approach? Think on this.

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